About Us

Dan McLaughlin
Eric Stewart
Ian & Rich Carnes

We wish to welcome you to Masnet.org, our passion project we have been cultivating and ultimately working towards nearly all our lives. Dan McLaughlin, Ian Stanley, Eric Stewart, and Rich Carnes make up our team. We have been friends for over 15 years and share an unfettered devotion to casino gaming and hope to spark some of that excitement within you!

The four of us met while attending Stockton College, located just outside the incredible area of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Having grown up in Atlantic City, our ever-expanding appreciation for gaming has never abated and as we moved through the next steps in life, we came to the realization that sharing our passion with the rest of the world was the most logical next step.

Our mission for Masnet.org is to provide a home for online casino gaming enthusiasts much like ourselves. We hope Masnet.org can be a central hub for learning, discussion, and sharing all the triumphs and excitement we all experience out there in the world of online casinos!

Dan McLaughlin — Mobile App Developer

I created my first ever video game (a terrible recreation of Pac-Man) on my dad’s old Intel 286 when I was 11 years old and haven’t looked back since; I was hooked! Soon after I tried more elaborate projects that would allow my friends and family to play, and as a lifelong Blackjack aficionado, I knew my dad would appreciate a digital version of his favorite hobby and soon enough, I had him playing the game I created.

Today, the work has become more sophisticated to say the least, but my passion for casino gaming applications has never dwindled.

Eric Stewart — Landscape Business Owner

Living with my aunt and uncle for most of my childhood was my prime motivation to get into gaming. My aunt loved Parcheesi and rummy a great deal, but her fervor for poker was unmatched. Her direction in gaming and poker especially — when and how much to bet, a strong hand versus weak, signs of a tepid or temperamental opponent — all proved invaluable lessons as I got older and started my own business. Nearly every weekend to this day, I still head across town to visit her and play a few hands.

Ian & Rich Carnes — Electrician / IT Systems Administrator

As brothers growing up in New Jersey, we were always expected to not only hold our own, but stand up for each other no matter the circumstances. When I was 15 and got caught trying to steal a dealer’s jacket from the Tropicana Casino and the cops brought me home it was my brother Rich who took the rap, claiming he dared me and would give me his own leather jacket in exchange if I succeeded. Though I doubt our mother believed the tale, nor the police for that matter, no charges were pressed and my brother remains just as loyal to this day.