Islamic American University

Islamic American University


The Islamic American University is a project that was established to train distinguished scholars, activists, leaders, and teachers in the fields of Islamic sciences and Arabic language. We seek to provide excellent Islamic higher education for Muslim Americans interested in pursuing studies in the Islamic sciences and Arabic language. We have designed our programs to facilitate  Islamic education of working adults, Muslim American youth, and new Muslims by offering degree programs that are highly relevant and easily accessible. Please visit online real money and make money.

We offer extensive courses and degrees in Arabic or English. Direct, online and correspondence (distant) courses are available to students across North America.

Our  Direct Program courses are traditional, classroom-style learning opportunities. Students meet weekly at IAU’s main campus in Southfield, Michigan, or other locations  (i.e. local school, business, Islamic center, etc.)

The IAU Online Program courses have weekly pre-recorded video lectures. The program allows students a great deal of flexibility for integrating Islamic learning into their busy personal lives and routines.

To further enhance the learning experience, student contact with instructors is maximized. IAU’s Online program includes regular, live chat sessions lead by the instructor; weekly email forums where probing questions are asked; and, conference calls are scheduled as needed.

IAU currently offers Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees and seeks to gain accreditation from America’s top accreditation associations in the near future.

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