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Grow Mama Grow: A Community for Muslim Mothers Chapter Highlights: MAS Tampa MAS Freedom distributes nationally “Get out the Vote” Kit 

Muslim Green Team is the first Muslim American grassroots environmental movement. Our goal is to educate and equip the Muslim community to live greener lives, and to demonstrate to the general public the Islamic environmental message.

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Muslim green team
The GrowMama mission is to facilitate an online community that inspires and supports women in serving the Creator through striving for excellence in themselves, their families, and their life pursuits.

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MAS Tampa Launches 2011 MYathlon games, formerly MAS olympics. To register click here.
MYathlon Tampa
MAS Freedom continues it nationwide campaign (Voting is Power – VIP) to
mobilize the American Muslim community for a massive turn out in the November 2nd 2010 mid-term election.

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Dear Friends and Supporters – Assalam Alaykum (Peace be unto you),

On Wednesday December 29th, 2010, our brother and civil rights activist Imam Mahdi Bray suffered a cerebral stroke while sleeping.  Since then, Brother Mahdi has undergone surgery and started his long journey to recovery, God willing.  While he has shown great signs of improvement in recent weeks, he will still need extensive care and rehabilitation in the coming weeks and months. We are hopeful that his condition will continue to improve God willing. Please keep him in your prayers.

Many of you have expressed concern and a desire to help Mahdi during this difficult time.  We have set up a unique trust fund on behalf of Imam Mahdi’s friends and well wishers. All donations to the Imam Mahdi Support Fund Trust will be used for Imam Mahdi’s welfare and the welfare of his family.

Help support our brother in any way possible. Donate to the Imam Mahdi Support Fund here. You can also mail your checks to:

Imam Mahdi Support Fund Trust
P.O. Box 7232
McLean, VA 22106

Let’s show our brother Mahdi our love and support.  Every gift counts – thank you for your support.

PLEASE NOTE: Contributions or gifts to the Mahdi Bray Support Fund are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

On behalf of the Imam Mahdi Support Fund,
Joshua Salaam, Trustee
Mohammad Rahman, Trustee
Tammam Dandashi, Trustee


How can I help?


  1. Make dua for Imam Mahdi’s recovery.
  2. Donate online to Trust Fund set up to help Imam Mahdi and his family, or
  3. Make a donation by sending a check to:
    Imam Mahdi Support Fund Trust
    P.O. Box 7232
    McLean, VA 22106
  4. Send letters or messages of support to Imam Mahdi at:
    Mahdi Bray
    P.O. Box 7232
    McLean, VA 22106



How is Imam Mahdi doing now?

March 28, 2011Alhamdulillah, Imam Mahdi is steadily making progress with his health and wishes to thank and express his gratitude to all of the wonderful brothers and sisters who have been so supportive with their concerns and dua’s.

Before his stroke Imam Mahdi participated in the following program:
Watch – Living Islam in America 27: Fighting Radicalism w:Pop Culture in the West…With Imam Mahdi Bray



Video Highlights

MAS Freedom’s Civil and Human Rights Director, Ibrahim Ramey, on CNN Morning News defending the rights of Muslims to continue to build mosques in America In the Shade of Ramadan-Season 4 Episode 28: Hard Hearts – Suhaib Webb.

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Congressional Report Highlights MAS and MPAC Youth Initiative Opposing Terrorism

Washington, D.C. (MASF) September 24th, 2010 – In a report released this week  by commissioners of the 9/11 Commission, on the phenomenon of “homegrown terrorism”: released this week by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), youth programs by the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) were cited as positive examples of a significant effort, launched by the Muslim community in the United States, to address efforts to promote violence and religious extremism among American Muslim youth. The report highlights MAS and MPAC’s positive alternatives to the promotion of violence and socially destructive influences from outside forces that seek to steer young Muslims in ways that are dangerous and counter-productive to themselves and their community. Both organizations have expanded their youth programs that focus on civic engagement, leadership training, and mentoring. The MAS youth program is called “The Straight Path Initiative.” It focuses on countering extremism, hate, and violence. It also provides activism training that prepares young Muslims to positively address issues involving social and economic justice.

The Straight Path Initiative was recently featured in a PBS Segment.